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Rockhampton Mt Archer Lions Club

District 201Q4 Queensland, Australia


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  • Lions Christmas Cakes, and Puddings available from all members

  • Christmas Club Raffle Tickets available from members

District news

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    NANANGO LIONS CLUB turns 60 years old

    Support the Nanango Lions Club on their 60th Anniversary and everything they have done for the Nanango Community in those 60 years. Saturday 23 April there will be a meet and greet at the "Lions Den" @ 10am-2pm @ 3 George Street - Old Post Office opposite the Nanango Cultural Centre.

    Saturday night is at Tara's Hall at the Nanango Rsl, 6:30pm for 7pm start. Cost is $25pp which includes dinner. Power Point Presentation on the 60 years of Community Service will be showed, along with formal speeches about this amazing club. RSVP to Mayleen Green on 0439 631 261 by 16 April.

    Last but not least, Sunday 24 April @ 7am there is a free community breakfast at the Lions Park (BP Park)

    Any more information don't hesitate to contact Mayleen.

  • Club Development Forums (Incoming Officer Training Days) 2016

    Zones 1, 2 and 3 at Pacific Paradise State School on Saturday 21st May.
    Zones 4, 5 and 6 at Murgon State High School on Sunday 1st May.
    Zones 7 and 8 at Maryborough Senior Citizens Hall on Sunday 1st May.
    Zone 9 at the Discovery Centre Ubobo on Saturday 7th May.
    Zone 10 Biloela on Sunday 17th April.
    Zone 11 and 12 at Kevin Castle Centre Rockhampton on Sunday 22nd May.
    Zone 13 SES Shed Emerald on Sunday 17th April.
    Zone 14 Longreach/Winton Proposed dates; Longreach Sun 11th Sept; Winton Mon 12th Sept


  • Formation of “Motor Homing Lions Club of Australia”

    I wish to ask if you would inform your members about a Special Interest Lions Club that we are in the process of starting right now. The Club will be known as “Motor Homing Lions Club of Australia” and as you can see by the title the special Interest is Motor Homes. The Club is and will always be a Lions International Club and will abide by their constitution. The purposes of this club is that when we are at our home bases we will strive to assist the local Lions Club in their endeavors to raise funds for the local community and then whilst we are travelling we would ask that our members try and contact Lions Clubs through online directories and attend their dinner meetings and more importantly assist them also if you have some time in their endeavors also.

    Attending other Lions Clubs meetings around the country promoting “Motor Homing Lions Club of Australia” and or carrying out some community work for another Lions Club has to be registered with our Club to not only ensure our members are active and are serious about the purposes of Lions International Clubs throughout the world of fellowship and community service but also to ensure that they get the well-deserved recognition at the end of each quarter and again at the end of each year. Becoming a Lion is a privilege as you will become a member of the largest service club in the world with 1.4 million members. As a Lion you are made welcome by fellow Lions and there are not to many towns in Australia that you do not see a Lions Club Emblem.

    Both Lorraine and I also Carol and Gary Abbott did this style of work assisting other Lions Clubs whilst we were Lions on Oz Club Members from Brisbane to Perth and we enjoyed it immensely and look forward to doing it again in a better format. The people you meet and the experiences you have are unforgettable. We will be meeting on line monthly and of course outside of that on social media as always we would look to see what our members have been doing and some of the experiences they are having. We hope to at times catch up with some of our members prior to Motorhome Rallies and or Lions Conventions also held in different parts of the country each year. Please remember this is a Special Interest Lions Club and does not have any affiliation with the CMCA other than our common interest in Motor Homing.

    To start a Lions Club you must be sponsored by an existing Lions Club and last night Gympie Lions were kind enough to do that for us. We already within a few days have the minimum of five charter members one of which lives in Tasmania and are now in a position to ask that we progress to the next step. Having the first five allows us to now form a Lions Club Branch of the Gympie Lions until we have 20 or more charter members to finally become a fully registered Lions International Club. Our target is to get the required 20 members hopefully from all states to register ASAP and at the latest no later than the 30th June this year. These first 20 or so members who start this Club off will always be recognized as Charter Members.

    If you are at present a fully paid up member of another Lions Club than you can transfer for free. However, for new members there is a $30 US fee and a half year membership fee of $75 AD making a single membership fee for all members including existing members for the year of $150 dollars it is less for couples. With Lions Clubs the more time and effort you put into them the more you get out of them in the form of pride and pleasure to see the results of things you have done to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves. So if there are any interested members who wish to join now and become one of the Charter Members and be a part of setting the course of this Club for the future then please contact me on my mobile 0418902004 or Lorraine on her mobile 0418162137 or email me at (lionlen53@gmail.com)

    Club Rules

    · To be a member of this club you have to be a registered owner of a qualifying vehicle and in our instance it is a Motorhome your partner can choose whether to be a financial member if they wish to have an input. (The Motorhome must be self-propelled and not towed)

    · You must carry out a minimum amount of service work each quarter some of which has to be carried out with clubs outside of your normal local authority boundary to maintain your Club Membership.

    The main things is that any future members enjoy their time in Lions as do the other 1.4 million people who already do. If your think you may wish to join please go online and check out the work that Lions do all over the world. If you think you may know someone that qualifies and may be interested in joining this new Lions Club please pass on this info. Safe travels to you all and hopefully we may see you soon at Bathurst NSW.

    Regards, Lions Len and Lorraine Waddington
    Contact Lionlen53@gmail.com.au

  • Christmas Cake Rebate Forms 2016

    The application form for your Club to claim a rebate from the District for the sale of cakes for 2016 has not yet been forwarded to Clubs this year. The closing date is usually 31st January of each year.

    For 2016 only District Cabinet has extended the closing date to the 30th April 2016. The 2016 Form can be downloaded from this website. it is located in the Members area, District Resources submenu, District Forms


    More details: http://201q4.lions.org.au/districtpolicies

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    The latest on Youth of the Year.

    CLUBS must have completed their heats by the 5th March, 2016. Zone judging by the 13th March 2016.
    For more information contact Coral Sweeney, 201Q4 District Chairman for Youth of the Year, 2015-2016. lioncoral@bigpond.com

    More details: http://201q4.lions.org.au/Youth%20Of%20The%20Year

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